Private Swim Lessons

Kids & Adults Private Lessons

One-on-One instruction with a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor. For all ages & levels.

Our private instructors have already trained with other senior Red Cross instructors and helped in our group swim lessons to understand how we teach and reinforce swimming fundamentals.  All of our instructors are Red Cross Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructor Trained and Certified.

Kids' Lessons: 9 months - 6 years old
Our goal is to get kids water safe as fast as possible and allow them to become confident in the water.  We recommend starting with a pack of 15-minute lessons.  The first few lessons may go very slowly as the instructor builds the level of trust necessary to motivate the student in a safe and positive manner.  Once instructor and student build trust then we will recommend a longer lesson if the child is ready.  We also recommend 2-3 lessons per week to see good progress, as one lesson per week does not allow kids to build on their last lesson.

Kids' Lessons: 7 years old - 18 years old
For kids who have had lessons in the past and are not timid of the water, we recommend the 30-minute pack of lessons.   We recommend 2-3 lessons per week, as repetitive motions will lead to muscle memorization that will make swimming easy and fun.  Learning the correct fundamentals will help your child in preparing for swim, team, water, polo, Junior Lifeguard lessons or any other aquatics goal that you may have in mind.

Adult Lessons--New Swimmer
For those adults who never got around to learning how to swim or may have had a bad experience in the water and would like to face their fear, we'd like the chance to get you past that fear and help you develop confidence in the water.  We'll take as much time as you need and we'll never rush your progress.  We do recommend 2 lessons each week, plus one weekly "practice" session on your own  as this will help you get over your fear of the water more quickly.  Learning how to float, tread water and proper leg/arm motion will be stressed.

Adult Lessons--Experienced Swimmer/Stroke Modification
If you know how to swim but would like to modify your stroke or learn other swim strokes, adult private lessons can help you become more efficient in the water.  With one-on-one instruction, you can learn flip turns and how to pace yourself for swim events or triathlons.  Just let your instructor know your goals and we will work to get you there.

  1 Lesson 2 Lessons 4 Lessons 6 Lessons 10 Lessons (Best Value)
30 Min.
Member $45 $85 ($42.50/ Lesson) $150 ($37.50/ Lesson) $210 ($35.00/ Lesson) $325 ($32.50/ Lesson)
Non Member $50 $100 ($50.00/ Lesson) $180 ($45.00/ Lesson) $270 ($45.00/ Lesson) $385 ($38.50/ Lesson)
15 Min.
Member $30 $55 ($27.50/ Lesson) $95 ($23.75/ Lesson) $155 ($25.83/ Lesson) $240 ($24.00/ Lesson)
Non Member $35 $65 ($32.50/ Lesson) $120 ($30.00/ Lesson) $165 ($27.50/ Lesson) $274 ($27.40/ Lesson)

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