Swim Lessons

Have you ever really stopped to consider some of the important benefits that your child will gain when they learn how to swim?  Consider this bit of sobering information.  Drowning is still the second highest cause of death among children under 18.  Teaching children even the basics of pool safety will save lives.  Understanding basic rules such as “do not run around the pool” or “do not dive into the shallow end” will not only teach a healthy respect for the water, but will help to prevent easily avoidable tragedies. 

Swimming is an important part of your child’s fitness development.  As schools cut back on physical education opportunities for children, swimming serves as an excellent form of exercise.  And as he or she becomes more proficient in the water, swimming promotes self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment within your child. 

Learning to swim can develop essential life skills in a child. Children learn how to set goals for themselves and work to achieve them. They develop ways to motivate themselves and to deal with pressure.  And they have fun doing it, which brings us to the well-known social benefits of swimming.  Learning to swim enables your child to enjoy hanging out at the pool with family and friends without experiencing fear or anxiety. 

Beginning with Tiny Tots (3-5 years old), the Alpert JCC has a group swim class that is perfect for your child.  Give them a head-start on their summer fun by signing up today.

Please note that the pool is open for swimming lessons and lap swim unless there is torrential rain and/or thunder and lightning.

Group Swim Lessons

Private  Swim Lessons