Member Spotlight: Barbra Snegg

Posted on Saturday, November 1, 2014 at 12:00:00 am

When Barbra Snegg was named Senior of the Year at the Alpert JCC’s 2014 annual meeting, she was completely floored. She had no idea that all her hard work for the Senior programs would be acknowledged in such a wonderful way. Her friends knew, though, and they couldn’t have been more thrilled that this charming, gracious woman was being so publicly honored.

When Barbra first came to the Alpert JCC in the fall of 2012, it was at the invitation from a good friend of hers. She had just moved from Huntington Beach to Bixby Hill to be closer to her daughter, and she was looking for ways to give back. A JCC member introduced her to Dr. Susan Mathieu, the Senior Adult Coordinator, and the rest was fate.

 Barbra has an extensive background in parties and catering, so working with the Senior lunch program was the perfect fit. And she didn’t stop with helping serve the meals; she was soon arriving in the kitchen hours before to prep and staying long after to clean up. She even took it upon herself to completely reorganize the kitchen so everything was conveniently at hand, making the lunches run even more smoothly. Barbra is a huge help with a giant smile.

AJCC Executive Director Jeffrey Rips is delighted that Barbra received this year’s award, commenting, “Barbra brings a great energy and warmth to the AJCC, and her smile lights up the room for all those that come in contact with her. 

And upon being asked about Barbra, Dr. Susan Mathieu beams: “Barbra is driven from a giving heart. A shopper, organizer, chef and sometimes therapist, she approaches her work enthusiastically, improving not only the kitchen environment, but also the entire Senior adult program. Our Barbra has a positive attitude, a big smile and we are lucky to have such a gem at the AJCC.”

Blog by Erika Silver Hillinger

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