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Posted on Friday, May 1, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

During the fall and winter, we were hard at work to enhance the programming at AJCC Camp Komaroff in order to offer better specialization and choice for your camper. We are so excited to show you and your child what we have in store for Summer 2015! Here are some of the wonderful changes that your child has to look forward to:

  • Camp Units: AJCC Camp Komaroff has been divided into four units. These include Anakim (grades 1-2), Kochavim (grades 3-4), Nesharim (grades 5-6), and Giborim (grades 7-12). Each unit provides activities and field trips that are geared toward the age of the children. This way your child’s camp experience grows with them as they return to camp year after year.

  • Field Trips: With the creation of Camp Komaroff units, we have tailored the field trips to better fit the age of your child. Anakim will have field trips on Wednesdays. Kochavim will spend Wednesday mornings at the park and have field trips on Thursdays. Nesharim will go to the beach on Tuesdays, have field trips on Thursdays, and spend Friday mornings at the park. Giborim will spend Tuesday mornings at the park, go to the beach once per week, and have two additional field trips per week.

  • Chugim: Each week, campers will get to choose a chug (specialty class) of their choice that will take place for 1.5 hours in the afternoon. Giving children the opportunity to make their own choices teaches independence, grows self-esteem, and encourages responsibility. At camp, choice gives campers ownership over their day and allows them to specialize based on their own interests.

  • Stuhlbarg Summer Stock: To accommodate your teen’s busy schedule, we have moved Stuhlbarg Summer Stock to the evenings. Stuhlbarg Summer Stock will now run Monday-Friday for 5 weeks from 5:30pm-8pm. I’m excited to announce that this year’s musical, Once on This Island, will be directed by our own Matthew Julian!

  • Enhanced Communication: Before summer camp begins, be sure to check out our weekly blog that will highlight different aspects of what you have to look forward to. Once camp begins, we will be sending out our Weekly Note detailing all the fun the upcoming week has in store, and each Friday you will receive a short survey so that we can get your feedback on how the week went.  


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