Staff Spotlight: Alayna Cosores

Posted on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 8:00:00 am

Alayna Cosores announced as new ECE Director

We are proud to announce that, after an extensive search from all over the country,  Alayna Cosores has been named the Alpert JCC’s new ECE Director! Alayna grew up at the JCC, where she began attending the preschool when she was three. Alayna enjoyed her summers attending our summer camp programs and summer stock. In 1996, she joined the ECE staff with her first JCC job working as a Teachers’ Assistant in the afternoon preschool. She then became a Teacher when we moved to the new building in 1999.  She received her BA in Child Development from CSULB in 2003. Alayna also has her AA in Culinary Arts and loves to cook. Alayna was an ECE teacher for 5 years, teaching every age group. She was hired as the Assistant Director 12 years ago and then was named Interim Director last spring. She was announced as Director last week.

Alayna says, “I love being part of the community and seeing the ECE change with the times, and I love being a part of the change while helping us progress in new directions. The staff is amazing. I love their diversity and their willingness to adopt new programs. They always want to do what’s best for the children and best for the community. Their willingness to participate has been great and is often inspiring. They stick by each other and by the parents, coming together in times of need for those who are going through crisis. They are very supportive of the ECE and the larger community, and I love being part of that.”

 Alayna also really appreciates how supportive [Executive Director] Jeffrey Rips has been during her transition to Director. “It has been a pleasure working with Jeffrey.  He has always encouraged and supported me to reach past my personal goals for something greater. I’m part of the SHEVA-Covenant Director’s Institute, a three-year program sponsored by the Covenant Foundation in partnership with the JCC Association, which serves to connect emerging learners and leaders in Jewish Early Childhood Education. I was very excited when Jeffrey chose me to represent our JCC. Twenty-one of us from North America were chosen and they are training us to become the next generation of preschool directors. We meet every 6 months or so (I was at a conference in February) and participate in on-line professional development.  They are teaching us how to bring more Judaism into the preschools and teaching us how to be not only amazing preschool directors, but amazing preschool directors at a JCC.” In Alayna’s case, this has already become a reality!

Alayna and her partner, David, have three children, ages 21, 9, and 5. Her five-year-old will be graduating from the ECE program in August this year, and she looks forward to her younger children being in summer camp together this summer. She loves that they can share the AJCC together. Alayna loves crafting, cooking, and spending time with her family. And she makes amazing costumes for the ECE staff dress up days! Congratulations, Alayna!

Blog by Erika Silver Hillinger

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