Member Spotlight: Linda Palitz

Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

Linda Palitz, an active Silver and Fit member, first came to the JCC in 1999 because she needed a pool. They had turned off the heat in the pool in her condo, and she had been looking desperately for somewhere to swim. Once she discovered the J, she realized there was so much more than just the pool! As Linda tells it, “It all started with a 6:15 Spin class with Barbara Shoag; one day she invited me to lunch where she told me all about the wonderful things the J had to offer. She then invited me to sit on the Women’s Division Board of the Jewish Federation, which I was on for many years. I got a personal trainer here and eventually started working out with Mike Henderson until he left last year. After Mike, I started working out with Cindi Massengale, who is wonderful. 

 “I was doing Elsie’s Extreme Spin and Extreme Pilates, and then Elsie helped train me for the Long Beach Half-Marathon in 2014. I had never done a Marathon before, and I actually came in 6th place for my age group! On October 11, 2015, my 73rd birthday, I ran the marathon again and came in 2nd place for my age group! One month after the Marathon, I developed sciatica, and Cindi helped nurse me back to health. It took about 6 months, but now I’m back here almost every day! 

“Once I retired, I started coming to the J to work out Monday through Friday. I don’t work anymore, I just work out! Between Monday and Friday I have 12 classes. I have Silver and Fit with Kaiser Permanente, and my plan is to advertise the Jewish Center there so that seniors like myself will come here to work out here also! I am 74 and very fit and I want to start speaking to seniors at Kaiser with the theme that Kaiser wants healthy, active seniors. My vision is that this place will be overflowing with healthy seniors working out. If we support the JCC, the JCC can continue to support us. 

“I consider myself the ‘town crier’ for the J. If there is something special happening here, all the trainers will usually give me a minute of class time to make an announcement over the mic. I love all the people who I train with. Cindi is so knowledgeable in everything that she tells us about our bodies. She is absolutely wonderful. I love Faira, and Cheryl is a quiet surprise. She leads a great workout. I also work out with Del—she is quite the fabulous Yogi. I love them all. 

“I know I’m being very enthusiastic, but I love everything about this place. I can see how much things have improved here over the last few years. I love the greeters at the front. I love Jeffrey Rips and everyone who takes care of me at the front desk. I love the Gatov art gallery and really look forward to the Gottleib school exhibit every year. And I think most of all, I love the sound of the kids, especially in the morning. The JCC makes me happy. It’s my home. I know everyone just like they know me. It’s a great place!” 

Linda can be found at the J Monday through Friday spreading her love and enthusiasm. She loves the J and we love having active participants like her as a part of our JCC family.

Blog by Erika Silver Hillinger

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