Staff Spotlight: Herlina Fraher

Posted on Saturday, July 1, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

Interview with Herlina Fraher, Senior Staff Accountant

Herlina Fraher is one of the AJCC’s fabulous accountants. You have probably met her and her infectious laugh if you’ve ever had to go into the accounting office. Herlina has a wonderful way of putting everyone at ease. She grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia and after high school went to Cal State Long Beach as an exchange student. “I chose Long Beach,” she explains, “because my cousin was a professor at Cal State Long Beach. I was married very young, at 20, and the next year I had my son. I took some time off of college to take care of him and then went back to school when he was 5. I got my degree in accounting and went to work for Cemex, a Mexican multinational building materials company. I worked there for 6 years and met my current husband, Jack. I didn’t want to work in the same place as him, so I started temping and was eventually placed at the AJCC. I loved it here, so I stayed!”  

Herlina has now worked for the Alpert JCC for 10 years. “I like working here,” she enthuses, “because of the people. And I like the challenge. Every day we have something to solve. There are always people who have different problems or needs, and when you can solve the problem and help them, then it’s like getting a reward! And I really like the people here.  They are so much fun to work with!”

Herlina also likes participating in some of the classes that the J has to offer: “I like to do the Zumba class here at the J. I am also taking Cindi’s line dance class that was just started [on Monday nights through the summer]. It’s a lot of fun! I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really like country music, but I really like the class. It’s great exercise. When you go to a party and they line dance, now I can dance with them. It’s a good skill to know!”

Of her other hobbies and interests, Herlina elaborates, “I love to travel and to cook. I used to go back to Jakarta every other year, but my mother just passed, so I don’t know when I’ll be back. I like to see different kinds of places. Next month I’m going to Ixtapa. Three years ago, my family and I went to Cancun. I have been to Japan. Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan. I just love to travel!”

Although she downplays her cooking, she laughs and says that people do always ask her to bring particular dishes for the staff potluck. Irene Velazquez, Membership & Rentals Associate, says that Herlina’s won tons and sauce are excellent. At this, Herlina laughs again and says, “Everyone loves my fried rice. I like to bring that and egg rolls. My egg rolls are popular.”

And Herlina loves (LOVES) baseball. “I love the Dodgers and Angels. I am a Dodger fan through and through. I just love going to the games. Eating Dodger dogs, nachos, it’s all just so much fun. And I collect the bobble heads,” she continues, “I’ve been collecting them for over 10 years. I don’t care who the player is, as long as it’s Dodgers or Angels. But not the Red Sox, my husband is a Red Sox fan,” she laughs.

Blog by Erika Silver Hillinger

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