What Makes Us Special: Family Connections, Special Events & More

We offer you and your family a chance to connect with other families through celebrations, social events, and more, including:

  • Welcome Brunch
  • Havdallah & Shabbat Celebrations
  • Family Pajama Party & Book Fair
  • Shabbat Dinners
  • Chanukah Celebration, Purim Parade & Shpiel, Community Purim Carnival
  • Holiday baking
  • Monthly Kids’ Night Out/Parents’ Night Off
  • Parent Education
  • Classroom Playdates/Family Events
  • Summer Family BBQs
  • Ruach (Spirit) Rallys
  • School-wide Assemblies (Parents Welcome!)
  • Parent Volunteer Opportunities

We invite your family to become part of our family.

Our Administrative Staff

Alayna Cosores, Early Childhood Education, Director, (562) 426-7601 ext. 1091
Danielle Putnam, Early Childhood Education, Admin. Assistant, (562) 426-7601 ext. 1090