The Ethical Start® Program

The Alpert JCC has the only preschool in Long Beach offering the Ethical Start® program. An Ethical Start® is a values curriculum based on the classical Jewish text Pirkei Avot. It is built around the latest research in modern educational instruction and introduces the lovable characters Peer K. Explorer and Dafna.

Peer K. Explorer is a child's guide to a world of Jewish learning that is both engaging and challenging. The teachings focus on how we can live a moral and ethical life. For centuries, lessons from Pirkei Avot have led an ongoing discussion on how to live, how to operate in the world, and how to identify the values we hold dear: friendship, community, and respect for all creation.

Through a wide range of multimedia curriculum materials, teachers, children, and families explore lessons from the Jewish tradition and begin to apply these messages to our daily lives.

One of the first Ethical Start® units the children encounter focuses on the idea of "acquiring a friend." Through stories, art, music, and dramatic play, children learn to incorporate values such as respect, empathy, and kindness into their everyday interactions, helping them acquire lifelong skills needed to build heatlhy, positive relationships with peers, community, and family.

An Ethical Start® provides a strong background for our Early Childhood programs, helping to create and nurture children, families, and our community. An Ethical Start® is part of building a better future.