Movement & Music

The purpose of this program is to integrate movement and music into our ECE Curriculum, giving children movement and music opportunities in their lives and education. The children learn a healthy self-image through successfully participating in joyful and purposeful play, while also learning healthy social skills.

Through our Movement/Music Program, the children learn how to communicate, how to follow basic rules and game play, how to follow directions, and, most important, they learn body awareness. This program also instills in children the importance of music in their lives.

Whether someone is listening, moving, dancing, or singing, music has been proven to increase the quality of people's lives. Not only is music good for the physical movement dancing provides, it has also been linked to higher brain function. Music helps children develop language skills, self-esteem, listening skills, and math skills. It also helps children learn about rhythm and develop gross motor coordination. Music and movement go together, which is why children naturally respond to music by moving and being active. Music is also known to relieve stress, make transitions easier, and encourage creativity in children.