Reading Mastery

All Pre-Kindergarten children participate in the Reading Mastery program, a phonics-based reading program designed to give children a solid foundation for the development of word recognition, decoding, writing, and comprehension. 

The theory behind the Reading Mastery program is that children become successful readers if they are taught in a specific, sequential program. They undertake simple, structured tasks, and these are constantly reinforced. The skills they acquire from these tasks are organized so that the children master all the skills they need for later, more complicated work. 

The tasks included in this reading program are pre-reading exercises, symbol identification exercises, and beginning decoding. The children are divided into groups of 4-6 students depending on their reading readiness level and their ability to learn together as a group. Each sessions lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. We work with each child at his or her own development level and pace. 

In addition, other important skills are reinforced throughout the year. They include the ability to focus on a lesson, attend to a task, develop a positive attitude toward reading, and increased self-esteem. The mastery of all these areas greatly benefits them throughout their learning years.

We value the opportunity to guide your children toward a lifetime of successful reading!