Our Pre-Kindergarten Program (4 & 5 Years Old)

A typical day in Pre-K includes many different types of activities designed to meet the developing skills of the whole child (social, emotional, cognitive, and physical). Children are provided longer blocks of time to engage in project work. These projects vary in topic according to what the children are currently interested in, the teachers’ goals, and our curriculum.

Children in Pre-K engage in more long-term projects, rather than just those of short duration. There is an increased emphasis on cooperative group learning and the emergence of kindergarten readiness skills.

Projects may take the form of story dictations, clay sculpture, collage, tempera paintings, pencil drawings, and other forms of expression. Children may work in a small group or with the entire class for projects.

Classroom learning centers are stocked with activities designed to challenge emerging developmental skills. Teachers not only rotate materials according to the planned lesson topic, but also according to the children's developing skills.

All Pre-Kindergarten children participate in the Reading Mastery program, a phonics-based reading program designed to give children a solid foundation for the development of word recognition, decoding, writing, and comprehension.

Pre-K children also participate in teacher-directed circle time, which can include stories, songs, cooking activities or science experiments, as well as discussions about a variety of topics. The Pre-K curriculum is ripe with Jewish learning, focusing on holidays, traditions, and values. And of course, snack time and lunch provide a natural time for lively discussion between friends! 

Children also participate in our interactive Movement & Music program.