Playsports (ECE)

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Playsports is a sports and physical education program for children ages 2 to 10.
The goal of every activity is to have fun. If a child loves having fun, in time they will love playing and love sports. And for some, it will eventually turn into a passion. 16 years of coaching experience has taught us that children who are introduced to sports early find it much easier to fit in socially because they have the confidence to join playground activities and join organized sports. Active children consistently do better physically, mentally and emotionally than other children as they age.

Fundamental Sports Skills Classes

What will my child learn?

Your child will learn the fundamental skills of 8 different sports. The program is progressive so as your child gets older the skills get more complex. We use child appropriate equipment and make sure the classes are taught in a fun way. Coordination, gross motor skills and fine motor skills are emphasized. Children also learn how to follow direction, express themselves verbally, wait their turn and interact properly with their friends.