The Gatov Gallery


Celebrating Israel: 

Snapshots of the People Behind a Young State

A Unique Photo Display in Honor of Israel’s 70th Anniversary

This comprehensive exhibit showcases a selection of historical moments that embody the great endeavor that was the establishment of the State of Israel, as seen through the eyes of its people. Highlighted within are the experiences of Jews from around the world who escaped hatred and fear to live freely in a Jewish state.

Depicted are primarily new citizens who made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel; literally “ascended”) to the young country. Their struggles and triumphs are evidence how these immigrants overcame the challenges of running a new state with few resources.

The panels and personal stories on display enable viewers to explore Israel’s major historical events and consider the lives of its early immigrants — what it took for them to reach the State of Israel and how they adjusted to life in their new homeland. Organized sequentially and by theme, Celebrating Israel gives viewers insight into the country’s formation.

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