The Gatov Gallery


Show Dates : July 31- August 28

Artist Reception: Sunday, August 18, from 2-4pm

Darlene Jaman (1934 – 2015) was a Jewish-American artist born in Chicago, raised in Los Angeles, and who spent many years living in Mexico and Europe. There is a strong existential element in Ms. Jaman’s work, depicting themes of light, love, and hope, which are illustrated by her use of broad, bold strokes and bright colors mixed with shades of white. “Stream of consciousness” painting – also known as painting in free form – is a form of artistic meditation which Ms. Jaman employed. Her paintings explore her deep creativity as she would go beyond her thoughts and feelings, surrendering to the flow of her painting, never knowing exactly what would come onto the canvas.

Ms. Jaman was greatly influenced by a core near-death experience (NDE) she had during a freak scuba diving accident, in which she was enveloped by a white light and an imbuing love. After this experience, she spent many years counseling AIDS patients who faced fears of their mortality and facilitating support groups through the West Los Angeles Friends of the International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS). Her artwork not only helped her explore her own experiences and questions but has served as a tool to help others find their own peace.

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